Special offer on Doré Doré, Falke & Burlington socks!

If you buy 3 items from Doré Doré or Falke or Burlington brands, you get the 4th for free (the cheapest of the four). If you buy 6 items, you get 2 for free. If you items 9 pairs you get 3 for free, and so on...

When you add 4 items from Doré Doré or Falke or Burlington brands or more to your shopping bag, the cheapest automatically becomes free.

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La Botte Chantilly offers you a wide selection of women’s shoes with a large choice of sizes from 34 to 44 to suit all your every needs! More than 140 quality brands to discover!

We favor made in Europe productions, carefully handcrafted by skillful craftsmen & women: Rosana’s fancy derbies, Brunate’s lovely ankle-boots & pumps, Muratti’s fashionable styles, Hogan’s platform shoes and Flamingos Life trendy sneakers

If you’re looking for comfort and style, check out Pretty Ballerinas, Ecco’s sneakers or Thierry Rabotin’s exquisite creations. And if you’re looking for unique shoes that you may not (really) find anywhere else, have a look at Clamp’s colorful styles, Sturlini’s Italian ankle-boots, or Torlasco’s everyday shoes.