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As soon as you add a second item to your shopping bag, you automatically get 10% off the cheapest item of both, including discounted items. If you add more than two items to your shopping bag, you get a 10% discount every two items.
Example: For 2 items to your shopping bag, the 10% discount applies on the cheapest item of both. For 3 items, the discount applies on the second cheapest item. For 4 items, the discount applies on the cheapest and third cheapest item. For 5 items, the discount applies on the second and fourth cheapest items, and so on.


  • This offer is valid until January 14th 2020 included on our website.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with vouchers or gift cards.

  • Ready to party?

    As 2020 reaches its end, comes the time to dress to impress. At La Botte, we have selected the best shoes in the world, to match your most gorgeous outfits. A highly personal and unique style, because we believe you were made to shine like a star.

    Women's winter shoes

    Winter shoes

    To embrace the cold you need a set of gloves or mitts, a nice hat or beanie and the right pair of Winter shoes. Lined with genuine sheep wool, faux-fur or effective waterproof technologies, crossing snowy tundras and rainy city jungles has never been so easy!

    Winter clothing

    Winter coats

    Whether you prefer urban coats or technical parkas, at La Botte we offer you both and much more ! Rediscover Columbia, Brax, Ragwear and Khujo, and welcome Junge, Schneiders, Fortezza and Krakatau, oa new Russian brand that knows everything there is to know about cold temperatures, and how to cope with them.

    It’s slippers season at La Botte!

    Have a look at our 250+ (mostly) made in Europe slipper collection for women, men and kids alike. From causal & ergonomic styles, hand turned sheepskin slippers, to cosy charentaises, or eco-friendly wool slip-ons, La Botte offers you more than 250 reasons to stay at home and give your toes a break.

    What's happening at La Botte ?

    Shoes, shoes, more shoes, an exclusive selection of new brands that you will not find anywhere else. A wide choice of clothing and accessories, carefully selected for their quality, singularity and peculiar characteristics that demonstrates our will to gear you up for any occasion. As a result, we have developed a new range of sportswear-based clothing and travel gear that you may wear anytime anywhere, whether you are on holiday, at work or just at home relaxing. We also offer big sizes for women’s shoes (up to size 44), men’s shoes (up to size 50) and clothing (up to 4XL). At last, our eco-friendly collection is still growing every season, because taking care our planet is very dear to us.

    Our brands

    More than 250 quality brands to suit your every need : classical or fancy shoes, casual or classy garments, eco-friendly clothing and trendy accessories.

    • Arche products
    • Articles beberlis
    • Bellamy products
    • Brunate products
    • Dlsport products
    • Crockett & Jones products
    • Giesswein products
    • Hogan products
    • Articles Magnanni
    • Mephisto products
    • Panama Jack products
    • Paraboot products
    • Paul Green products
    • Pons Quintana products
    • Thierry Rabotin products
    • Tod's products

    Gift Ideas

    Out of ideas? Don’t have time to go shopping? Don’t panic! La Botte Chantilly has selected a wide range of lovely clothing and exclusive accessories that would make for perfect gift ideas, even for those relatives that are hard to please: comfy slippers, original shirts and fancy tops, colorful or sober socks, funny boxers, hats, gloves, neck warmers, small purses and so much more!