La Botte Chantilly's History


À la Botte Chantilly

1890 La Botte Chantilly

A La Botte Chantilly is in a tiny workshop located at 24 de la rue Grande Chaussée near the Opera in Lille, France.
This workshop is a family business runned by Delecaux-Lefebvre. They manufacture custom-made shoes mainly for cavalry officers stationed in Lille.


Department store

1921 la botte chantilly

In 1921, Roger Roos whose parents were manufacturing shoes in Paris, decides to set up in Lille and takes over Delecaux-Lefebvre cobbler and shoe repair shop. A La Botte Chantilly retail space doubles.



1930 la botte chantilly

À La Botte Chantilly changes its brand name and becomes La Botte Chantilly. The Roos family updates this shop, La Botte Chantilly abandons tailor-made shoes and switches to ready-to-wear shoes.


Luxury brands

church la botte chantilly

La Botte Chantilly remains an icon of elegance and quality and becomes the dominant point of sale for the Church's brand in France.


Innovative brands

1990 la botte chantilly

Marianne Roos and Pascal Deparis are La Botte Chantilly's new executives officers. They decided to modernize the company, designing a dedicated space for kids, and the first French shop-in-shop dedicated exclusively to the Camper brand.



2001 la botte chantilly

La Botte Chantilly is a forerunner in the shoe industry, it is among the first to design a website to sell its shoes online. For this small company, this is the beginning of international business development.


Eco-friendly shoes

2010 la botte chantilly

The first shop-in-shop corner devoted to the eco-friendly brand El Naturalista opens at La Botte Chantilly Lille.


La Botte Chantilly Bondues

2011 la botte chantilly

La Botte Chantilly opened its second store in Bondues : a new retail model where online and offline converge to enjoy the best shopping experience possible.
We offer the possibility to our customers to use Ipad and our Click & Collect service to select online the products they want, before trying them on our traditional retail stores.


Click & Collect

2011 la botte chantilly

La Botte Chantilly developed a new service combining the advantages of online and offline shopping called Click & Collect. Consumers are web rooming, and may add some items to their shopping bags, or even check products availability online before traveling to our stores, to decide whether or not they would shop. La Botte Chantilly won a trophy for its commitment for better environmental practice : decreasing our ecological footprint, promoting safe working conditions throughout our supply chain ...


Concept store

2014 la botte chantilly

New products (shoes, clothes, accessories), new brands, exclusivities, special collection for organic and eco-friendly lines are consistently introduced in our stores. In our historical store located in Lille, we designed a new corner dedicated to luxury shoes and shoes’ lovers. In November, La Botte Chantilly will open up its new store in Avelin offering confidential brands and a wide choice sportswear clothes and casual shoes.