chausseur depuis 1890

Coming from our experience as a shoemaker back in the XIX Century, we are deeply convinced that shoes are not only fashion accessories, but a capital element for our daily well-being.


La Botte Chantilly, established in 1890, used to be a workshop runned by the Delecaux-Lefebvre' family. They manufacture custom-made shoes mainly for cavalry officers stationed in Lille. When the Roos’ family took over this cobbler and shoe repair shop, they abandon tailor-made shoes and switches to ready-to-wear shoes. La Botte Chantilly leads the way and becomes a «temple of shoes». The company composes its selection of fashionable shoes and technical ones made with norwegian construction or Goodyear construction.

Corporate social responsibility

We take into account the interests of our stakeholders as the local community, our suppliers, our employees, our partners and of course our customers. Our employees are our very first ambassadors, so we try to design the best place to work. We are partner of charity businesses as Le Relais and Elise employing disabled people to recycle business waste.

Sustainable development

We tend to favor eco-friendly brands that do not use chemical substances for their shoes manufacturing to avoid any environmental damage, and promote ecological and organic materials as organic cotton, hemp, and recycled fibers. We are also very proud to work with suppliers manufacturing their products in France or in Europe.