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Logo Moa Concept

Moa Concept shoes

MOA stands for ‘Masters Of Arts’.

Founded in 2013 in Florence by young designers with a passion for art, Moa Concept is a fancy and creative brand of shoes that likes to play with universal icons like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or Snoopy, and re-interpret them in a fresh and funky way.

With the LEGACY collection, Moa Concept launches an eco-friendly shoe (made with biodegradable materials and natural color pigments), easily recognizable with its big ‘M’ upside down, as a nod to modernity and dynamic feel.

Through the Moa Concept Foundation, a platform that supports art, innovation and design in all of their different kinds of expression (classical, modern, contemporary, avant-garde and digital), the brand regularly promotes social and cultural events, through the work of independent artists, that often work towards the rehabilitation of degraded urban areas.