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Logo Arche

Arche shoes

Arche shoes: a French name, brand, or should we say institution, with a world-wide reputation.

It all started back in 1968, in the Val de Loire region (center-West of France) near the city of Tours. Pierre Hélaine, the founder, had the brilliant idea to combine avant-garde design, with a vivid color palette, ultra-soft premium-quality leather and latex outsoles (natural rubber from the hevea plant).

A whole new concept that would revolutionnized the shoe industry of the era: Arche shoes.

From the iconic Archette, a fancy medieval-inspired ankle-boot, to the lovely perforated must-have boots that Arche is so famous for, the brand re-invents every seasons new shapes and styles, featuring new colors, graphics lines & precise detailing.

Arche is one of these (too) few French companies that managed to keep a European production, with a strong sense of renewal. These creative shoes are always highly sought after, by the brand's self-proclaimed fan-club: the Arche-addicts!