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Crockett & Jones

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How to choose your size

Crockett & Jones size chart

Brand sizing French sizing
6,5 E 40 E
7 E 40,5 E
7,5 E 41,5 E
8 E 42 E
10 E 44,5 E
10,5 E 45 E

E : standard fitting

Finding the right shoes implies knowing your foot size

There are different ways to quickly and effectively measure your foot size. Here are two easy methods:

Printing a foot measurement device

Click on the button below to print our foot measurement device on a standard sheet of paper, to measure your feet.

  • 1. Print the foot measurement device and place it on the floor, on a flat and even surface.
  • 2. Stand up and put your foot on the sheet of paper. Beware to place your heel on the designated spot, at the back of the paper.
  • 3. Read your size using the graduation on the sheet of paper.

As one foot is usually longer than the other, measure both feet and keep the biggest size in mind. For example, if your foot is located between sizes 38 or 39, round it up. Your size is then 39.

Using the metric system

You can also use a simple sheet of paper to measure your shoe size:

  • 1. Place a blank sheet of paper on the floor, on a flat and even surface, and place your foot on top of it.
  • 2. Draw the shape of your foot on the sheet of paper.
  • 3. Repeat with your other foot.
  • 4. Mesure your foot’s length with a ruler. Keep the biggest length in mind.

Then convert your foot’s length according to this simple rule: your foot’s length is equal to two thirds of your foot’s size. For example, if your foot is 26 cm long, then apply this formula: 26 / 0.67 = 39. Your shoe size is 39, according to the French sizing system.

Choose your shoes according to your foot shape

Once you know your size, here comes the best part: choosing the right pair of shoes. This step is very important, as you have to keep your foot shape in mind so that you can find the perfect fit.

This means that a man with wide feet should avoid thin-shaped derbies, or that a woman with thin feet should choose some lace-up boots to keep her ankles tight and secure.

A new pair of shoes should not feel too tight or too rigid when worn. Do not assume that your new shoes will loosen up after you wear them.

For most adults, the perfect pair of shoes (neither too small nor too large) should at least have a « gap » of 5 to 12 millimetres at the front of the shoes. It also depends wether you are used to wearing tight shoes or loose shoes.

The brand’s influence on the sizing system

Every brand does not use the same sizing system. It varies from the French one, to the US, the UK or the Italian system, as they all use conversions from one size to another. This means that size 41 from one brand could be equal to size 43 from another brand.

Some brands like Paul Green, Gabor or Timberland use half-size of some of their pairs, to make sure they fit effectively.

High heels

Be careful when choosing the height of your heels! Doctors do not recommend wearing high (more than 6 cm tall) or flat (less than 1 cm tall) heels on a daily basis. They slowly damage your feet, your knees and your back. Intermediate or small heels are better. The arch of your feet should be close to their natural shape.

However, if you’re a high heel addict, here are a few tips:

  • Choose wedges or platforms heels that decrease the arch of your feet.
  • The wider the heel, the better, because the mass of your body is spread on a larger area.
  • Be reasonable and anticipate: take a pair of ballerinas in your purse, just in case…


Finding the right pair of shoes for your kids is very important, because it will impact the way they walk and stand.

Kids’ feet grow very fast. Their shoe size changes up to 2 or 3 times a year during their first five years. And as kids do not often complain about their shoes being too small, parents need to often check (every 3 to 4 months) their kids’ shoe size.

To do so, the child must stand up so the adult can slip a finger between the child’s heel and the back of the shoe. If it does not fit, then the shoes are too small. If more than a finger can fit, then the shoes are too large..

If the child does not walk yet, we advise you to choose shoes with flexible soles.

If you have doubts regarding your kids’ shoe sizes, do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+33 (0)3 20 55 34 80) or by email ( We will gladly help you choose the perfect fit.

Crockett & Jones









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Made in the UKMade in the UK

Brown suede Crockett & Jones loafers

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En stock à Lille (59000) :

6,5 E (40 E)7 E (40,5 E)7,5 E (41,5 E)8 E (42 E)10 E (44,5 E)10,5 E (45 E)

En stock à Bondues (59910) :

7 E (40,5 E)
Free delivery and returns with €50 purchase in Metropolitan France



Big fit, we advise you to size down your usual size



Lining and insole



City Rubber Sole - Dainite


Goodyear welted shoes


Northampton, England


Penny Loafer: featuring a leather strip with a cut-out on the upper of the instep

Made on last 314

Shoe care

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About the brand

Crockett & Jones shoes

In 1879, Charles Jones and his brother-in-law James Crockett, created the brand that now wears both their names. Family-operated business for now 5 generations, Crockett & Jones continues to produce magnificent footwear in Northampton, England, the birthplace of traditional British shoe making.

Handcrafted by highly-qualified craftsmen and women, more than 200 hand-made operations (8 to 10 weeks of work) are required to create one single pair! This is probably why James Bond (Daniel Craig in Skyfall and Spectre) likes to wear Crockett & Jones shoes!

Crockett & Jones' collection : 'Hand Grade' and 'Main Line'

The 'Hand Grade' collection corresponds to the premium line of Crockett & Jones. Handcrafted from the most prestigious leather, the shoes are shaped to the natural contours of the foot, with an asymetric last, giving exceptionnal fitting qualities. Uppers are cut from the finest calf skins with a supple tannage provinding glove-like comfort. The dyes in the leather combined with an extensive hand polishing of the finished shoes, create a rich depth of colour, enhanced with age if regularly cared for. The outsoles are slowly tanned with natural oak barks, in the most traditional way to obtain superior comfort and flexibility. The outer stitches of these gorgeous shoes are invisible, and only appear once the shoes have been worn.
Lonsdale and Egerton are part of the 'Hand Grade' collection.

The 'Main Line' collection corresponds to a wide range of elegant styles for city wear, as well as country shoes and boots. This assortment of footwear with leather or Daininte rubber soles is made from the finest smooth leather, suede, or country grains. Hand-crafted by the traditional Goodyear welted construction, these shoes combine comfort, elegance and longevity in wear.
Connaught 2 and Hallam are part of Crockett & Jones' "Main Line" collection.

Crockett & Jones' repairs

One of the benefits of owning a Crockett & Jones’ pair of Goodyear welted shoes is that you can have them re-soled without damaging the uppers, thereby prolonging their lifespan.


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