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  • Men wedding & ceremony shoes

    Chosing shoes for his wedding or for any very important event can be very difficult, especially when you're not used to wear this kind of dress shoes. It's not so easy to combine comfort and a sophisticated style for the big day, which is why la Botte Chantilly gives you some tips to avoid any misstep:

    • If you wear a very tight suit, we would advise you to match it with tapered shoes that are ideal for thin and slender silhouettes
    • f you want to showcase one accessory of your outfit in particular such as your tie, your bow tie or even your suite pocket, it could be nice to dare a gentle reminder of colours with your shoes
    • if you opt for a regular black suit, we would strongly advise you to consider derbies or black oxfords
    • Once you've selected the perfect shoes for the event, don't wait for the D-Day to wear them, walk 15 to 30 minutes every evening at home to soften the leather