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Doré Doré socks: get the 4th for free!

20% off the second item

To enjoy our special offer
As soon as you add a second item to your shopping bag, you automatically get 20% off the cheapest item of both. If you add more than two items to your shopping bag, you get a 20% discount every two items.

For 2 items in your shopping bag, the 20% discount is on the cheapest item of both.
For 3 items, the discount is on the second cheapest item.
For 4 items, the discount is on the cheapest and third cheapest item.
For 5 items, the discount is on the second and fourth cheapest items, and so on.

Terms of use

Special offer on Doré Doré socks

If you buy 3 pairs of Doré Doré socks, the 4th pair is free (the free pair is the less expensive of the four).

The offer is activated when you add 4 or more pairs of Doré Doré socks in your shopping bag. The less expensive of those 4 pairs is automatically for free



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