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The Timberland adventure began in 1918, in a small cobbler shop in Boston, where Nathan Swartz, future founder of the brand, started his career as an apprentice shoemaker, where he learned how to manufacture leather boots. In 1955, Mr. Swartz acquired the Abington Shoe Company. His son Sidney soon joined him and the two of them spent about 10 years manufacturing leather boots for various brands, in their family-operated business.

In 1973, the Swartz family launched their first waterproof leather boots under the brand Timberland. The use of the injection molding technology (which renders leather shoes perfectly waterproof) became an innovation, a fine example of American craftsmanship, sturdiness and protection. These boots, which can be worn both in Winter and Summer time, became a real success. The Timberland adventure had only just begun…

With time, Timberland developed new styles equipped with many innovative technologies, to provide great comfort and freedom of movement to its wearer. The Aerocore® range (great cushioning system, similar to athletic shoes) and Sensorflex® range (flexible and sophisticated soles made to fit to any urban environment) are some great examples. Timberland is also committed to the environment. Aiming to reduce its ecological footprint, the brand has developed the Earthkeepers® range, that has recycled rubber soles.

And to please its fans, Timberland frequently remasters its iconic styles, such as the 6 INCH PREMIUM BOOTS, the brand’s timeless Yellow Boots now available in many different colors or the famous 3 EYE LUG, this «all-terrain» boat shoe, that comes with a very thick outsole to climb any mountains!

The Timberland adventure continues…