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Telyoh shoes are the result of a great combination between a Dutch designer, and a Portuguese shoe manufacturer. The first one brings a creative, modern and urban touch to the shoes collection, whereas the second one makes the most of his 20 years of shoes manufacturing experience. There are united by their very goal: design fashionable and quality footwear. The first Telyoh shoes collection was created in 2007, it was 100% European, what means all the manufacturing process took place in Europe to avoid wasting energy during transportation. Moreover Telyoh is only using eco-friendly raw materials for its shoes, the linings and the soles are chrome free.

Telyoh: urban and original shoes

Telyoh creates kids and preteens shoes that are not only modern and fashionable, but also comfortable and resistant. Girls would love Telyoh vintage boots and boys would slip on their sneakers very easily thanks to their discreet zip.