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Rondinaud charentaises

At the root of «Charentaises» invention, there are its felt soles; they come from recycled felts that were used to press paper in the paper industry. With this technique, nothing is lost, everything is transformed, famous Charentaises felt soles are born. 

During the 17th Century, Charentaises were not used as pure slippers, people were used to put them into clogs to feel more comfortable for walking. In 1907, the family-owned-business Ets Rondinaud decided to upgrade the traditional charentaises adding a tartan pattern to it, for the very first time in its history the Charentaises were used as slippers only.

Rondinaud Charentaises, authentic slippers 

Rondinaud remains a family business that keeps manufacturing its slippers in Charente, perpetuating tradition and ancestral know-how over a Century. Very proud of its heritage, Rondinaud claims its core values in writing them down where everything began, on its Charentaises soles: «Made in Charente, fabriquée par les Ets Rondinaud, maison fondée il y a belle lurette», i.e. «Made in Charente, by Ets Rondinaud, company founded ages ago.

Did you know ? Charentaises are also known under the name « Java slippers»