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Camper was created in 1975 in Mallorca by Lorenzo Fluxa to answer a large demand of new fresh styles of footwear. With a rich heritage in shoemaking, Lorenzo created a unique brand, full of diversity and contrast which is now praised all over the world.

In 1877 Lorenzo's grandfather, Antonio Fluxa a skilled cobbler, travelled from Mallorca to England and returned with the first sewing machines and a newfound spirit of innovation, which began to take its roots in the island and eventually in Lorenzo's mind.

Camper's shoes are designed and developed in Inca, the rural heart of Mallorca. A young creative team closely works with skilled craftsmen to create brand new styles every seasons.

Nowdays, Camper is run by the fourth generation of the Fluxa's family. The brand's footprint has spread across the globe and can now be found in the trendiest shops and concept-stores on the planet.