Logo Bisgaard

Bisgaard shoes

The company Bisgaard Sko was founded in 2005 in the Danish city of Aarhus. Marianne, the shoes designer draws her inspiration from Scandinavian architectural style, she favours uncluttered and sober lines and focuses on quality of the raw materials and comfort. Bisgaard shoes are made in Portugal.    

Its leitmotiv: «Healthy feet are happy feet» perfectly sums up its corporate mission: kids ought to start walking under the best possible conditions. In order to achieve its objective, Bisgaard designs shoes with a natural fitting so that the children’s toes can move freely. Bisgaard shoes soles are flexible to develop kids’ feet muscles.

Bisgaard, a social corporation 

Besides its capacity to manufacture pretty shoes, Bisgaard is also a social and responsible company, it supports an aid organisation financially in Honduras. Bisgaard is involved in charity and donates a part of its profits for educating Honduran children, as well as excess stocks of Bisgaard shoes. In addition, Bisgaard gets involved in sustainable development and kids’ feet well-being, the brand uses exclusively vegetable tanned leather for its shoes, that are Chrome free.