Special offer on Doré Doré, Falke & Burlington socks!


If you buy 3 items of Doré Doré or Falke or Burlington socks, you get the 4th for free (the cheapest of the four). If you buy 6 items, you get 2 for free. If you buy 9 items, you get 3 for free, and so on…
When you add 4 items or more of Doré Doré, or Falke or Burlington socks to your shopping bag, the cheapest automatically becomes free.


  • This offer is valid until November 30th 2019 included in all of our 3 shops and on our website
  • This offer is only valid on Doré Doré, Falke or Burlington socks (for men, women and kids), that are not in promotion, including Doré Doré’s tights and Falke’s Homepads collection
  • This offer only applies on items from the same brand.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with our vouchers

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    Yves Desfarge shoes

    YVES DESFARGE is named after its designer. After having worked for many years for a famous French luxury shoe brand, Yves Desfarge decides to launch a line of shoes under his own name in 1993. His motto? "Feminine comfort at a reasonable price". The soles are in natural rubber in order to better absorb shocks while walking. The lining is made with K-ABSORTEX, is treated to absorb humidity, and possesses antibacterial and fungicide properties. The skins are specially chosen for their suppleness qualities. YVES DESFARGE's graphical, feminine and humorous style does not target any age group in particular, but represents a real life style, both casual and elegant, in which you will recognize yourself.