Get an additional 10% off when you buy 2 items or more

As soon as you add a second item to your shopping bag, you automatically get 10% off the cheapest item of both, including discounted items. If you add more than two items to your shopping bag, you get a 10% discount every two items.

Example: For 2 items to your shopping bag, the 10% discount applies on the cheapest item of both. For 3 items, the discount applies on the second cheapest item. For 4 items, the discount applies on the cheapest and third cheapest item. For 5 items, the discount applies on the second and fourth cheapest items, and so on.


  • his offer is valid until June 25th 2019 included, in our shops and on our website.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  • This offer does not apply to gift cards.

  • Logo Superfit

    Superfit shoes

    Recommended by orthopedists and feet doctors alike, German brand Superfit is designed to protect your children's feet, from the general shape of the shoes to the soft-flexible toe area.

    Superfit : a sturdy and technologically-based brand

    Most Superfit shoes use the Gore-Tex® technology, meaning that they are water-proof. Not only do they protect your children's feet from the rain, but also from air pollution that tries to sneak into the leather of the shoes.

    Superfit shoes are also made with removable insoles, which become extremely conveninent if your kid wears orthopedic insoles.

    Superfit outsoles are both light-weight and anti-slip. Jumping & running becomes as easy as ABC!

    Superfit : a very wide collection

    Besides its large choice of boots, lace-up boot or velcro shoes for girls and boys alike, Superfit also offers a wonderful range of slippers, with fancy prints or sober colors, with zippers, velcros or an easy-slip in and out system. This gorgeous Germand brand fits toddlers and grown kids alike, from sizes 21 to 41!