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Ria Menorca shoes

Everybody knows the famous avarcas (pronounced « abarcas »), these pretty sandals from the Balearic Islands (South-East of Spain)… but do you know the brand Ria Menorca?

Carefully handcrafted in Minorca since 1947, Ria Menorca is THE avarcas specialist ! This family company mixes authentic know-how with cutting-edge technologies, and successfully managed to reinvent the original avarca with a new modern look, that matches today's fashion trends.

Originally made from used rubber tires, Ria Menorca's outsoles are made from recycled rubber, and their upper part, is exclusively made of leather.

Available in many beautiful colours and materials, Ria's avarcas are very easy to wear as they perfectly match any Summer outfit. Rediscover the Balearics' breeze with Ria Menorca!