Special offer on Doré Doré, Falke & Burlington socks!


If you buy 3 items of Doré Doré or Falke or Burlington socks, you get the 4th for free (the cheapest of the four). If you buy 6 items, you get 2 for free. If you buy 9 items, you get 3 for free, and so on…
When you add 4 items or more of Doré Doré, or Falke or Burlington socks to your shopping bag, the cheapest automatically becomes free.


  • This offer is valid until November 30th 2019 included in all of our 3 shops and on our website
  • This offer is only valid on Doré Doré, Falke or Burlington socks (for men, women and kids), that are not in promotion, including Doré Doré’s tights and Falke’s Homepads collection
  • This offer only applies on items from the same brand.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with our vouchers

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    What makes Kudetà shoes so special? First of all their design: original shapes and shades, as chic and avant-garde as you could ever dream of. Then, their premium-quality materials: precious natural leathers, are carefully selected and treated to obtain different effects, reflections and variations of grain, color and smoothness. Finally, the brand's Italian know-how: every piece, every detail are carefully assembled and stitched following the rigorous techniques of highly skilled craftsmen.