Doré Doré special offer : Get the 4th pair for free ! details

Doré Doré special offer : Get the 4th pair for free !

If you buy 3 pairs of Doré Doré socks, you get the 4th for free (the cheapest of the four). When you add 4 pairs or more of Doré Doré socks to your shopping bag, the cheapest becomes free.


  • This offer is valid until November 26th 2017 in all of our 3 shops and on home.shtml
  • This offer is only valid on Doré Doré socks (for men, women, or kids), except discounted items
  • This offer does not apply on sock boxes
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with our vouchers.

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    Camper is not a shoe. Camper is the result of a dream. The dream of a family from Mallorca that has been making shoes since 1877.A mediterranean dream that stands for a way of doing, a way of living and a way of feeling. A dream that combines the original artisan roots with an industrial vocation. A dream that has taken Camper on a walk across the world.

    We offer you an extremely large choice of Camper shoes online, for men and women. Not only you will find the well-known Pelotas, and the famous Twins, but you can also discover Camper boots, ankle-boots, sandals, babies,and ballerinas and many collectors special editions.

    Don't forget they are limited editions. Have you ever the new Peu concept (pronounce Pé-ou)? These are simple, natural, and healthy shoes, with their ergonomic style, and their very flexible TPU soles. No need to tie or untie your shoes with this new smart elastic system! And did you know that you can now shop online for replacement laces and inside soles for your Camper shoes?